The Delegation of the School of International Education of Yangtze University Came to visit

The delegation of the School of International Education of Yangtze University came to visit On Sept. 24. The delegation was consist of the director of Admission and Alumni Connection Office of  Yangtze University Mr. Wang Junyao, the general manager of Xin Lai Han Information and Technology Co, Ltd Mr. Zhang Jian, and vice-general manager Mr. Zhang Bin. The main purpose for the visit is to promote the cooperation between the two schools and exchange the ideas about international students management, enrollment programs and collage-enterprise cooperation. The deputy dean of School of International Education of JSVIAT Wang Jing gave a warm reception to the delegation. And the relevant teachers also attended the meeting.

Translated by: Zhang Xiaobai

Source: Zhang Xiaobai

Photographer: Li Mengyang

Reviewed by: Wang Jing


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